Japanese/Korean Restaurant
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Lunch Specials

Mon-Fri 11AM to 2:30PM except Holiday and weekends

순두부 ( Soft Tofu Soup) * #  

Original 순두부 (Original tofu soup with Beef or Pork )                                                        $10.95

해물순두부(Seafood tofu soup with shrimp and clam)                                                        $10.95

곱창순두부 (Beef small intestine tofu soup )                                                                         $10.95            

탕류 (Soup)

갈비탕 (Kalbi-tang ) beef short rib soup with vegetable                                                     $12.95

#*매운갈비탕 (Spicy kalbi-tang) Beef short rib spicy soup with vegetable                       $12.95

#* 육개장(Yookejang) Shredded Beef brisket in spicy soup                                                   $10.95

설렁탕(Seolleongtang) Ox Bone Soup                                                                                    $10.95


비빔밥 (Bibibbap) & 덮밥  Rice Mixed with Vegetables

비빕밥Bibimbap (Beef or Chicken)                                                                                        $10.95

                     갈비비빔밥Kalbi (Korean BBQ) Bibimbap                                                                           $11.95

#* 오징어덮밥 (Ojingeo deopbap) Stir-Fried Squid with Rice                                              $10.95

#* 매운돼지불고기덮밥 Stir-Fried spicy pork bulgogi with Rice                                        $10.95

불고기덮밥Stir-Fried beef bulgogi  with Rice                                                                  $10.95

장어 덮밥Eel deopbap ( Stir Fried Eel with Rice)                                                             $14.95

%  우니 덮밥 Uni deopbap (Uni with Rice)                                                                             $14.95        Pic               전복죽 Junbok-juk  (Rice Porridge with Abalone)                                                   $14.95



%Lunch Boat

(Served with soup,edamame,half California roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura)

Chicken 12.95     Salmon 13.95   Beef  12.95


Lunch Bento

B-B Beef Bulgogi (bulgoki, salad,gyoza,maki and rice)   9.95

B-C Chicken Teriyaki (chicken teriyaki, salad,gyoza,maki and rice) 9.95

B-S Shrimp Tempura (Shrimp and Vege Tempura, sald , Maki and rice ) 9.95

% B-K Kabuki special(cali roll, 3pcs shrimp & Vege tempura and 3pcs sushi) 11.95

B-T Tonkasu ( Tonkasu, salad, gyoza,Maki and rice)  9.95

%SU-1 (cali roll,5pcs sushi nigari)   11.95

%SU-2 (Assorted 3 rolls )    10.95

SU-3 Futomaki       9.00

SU-4 (Kake udon and California roll )  10.95

%SU-5 Chirashi (Sliced sashimi , vegetable and sushi rice)  13.95


% Raw     * Spicy    # Peanut Allergy Warning


*This food contains raw fish. Consuming raw fish increase your risk of food borne illness.